Develop a variety of novel CO2 trans-critical refrigeration thermodynamic cycles and multi-scenario applications
  • 1

    The phenomenon of supercritical fluid bifurcation and heat transfer and thermal mass piston effect are revealed. Develop a series of cooling and heat integrated multifunctional thermodynamic cycle for multiple scenarios.

  • 2

    The carbon dioxide cooling and heat integrated system is put forward and applied in the National Speed Skating Oval, including the ice rink structure optimization technology of large CO2 evaporative refrigeration, the key technology of medium pressure and high-low pressure combined dynamic oil recovery, the key technology of full heat recovery with two stages of temperature regulation and energy storage.

  • 3

    The new CO2 energy storage system (CCES) with high heat cycle efficiency and high energy storage density is proposed to provide a new way for the efficient energy storage and utilization of the system.

  • 4

    A variety of new thermal power generation thermodynamic cycle and control technology are proposed, including CO2 solar thermal power generation, and the heat transfer law in the system components is revealed.

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