Forward-looking policy exploration and application analysis of specific scenarios for the development of distributed energy in China
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    Made forward-thinking of China's energy system reform and organized domestic and foreign experts to carry out research projects on the development of distributed energy in China.

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    Participated in the National Soft Science Major Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Research on Distributed Energy Development Trends and Countermeasures, and published the monograph "New Normal of Energy Development: Distributed Energy" which won the third prize of a provincial science and technology awards.

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    Published the reports of "Prospects for Distributed Energy in China" both in Chinese and English  simultaneously in Beijing and Paris which providing the world with a comprehensive introduction to the current development status and policy practices of distributed energy in China for the first time.

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    Cultivated industry practice deeply, participated in the formulation of industry standards, continually provide industry consulting for the development of distributed energy, and proposed  solutions based on application scenarios in the construction process of the new energy system.

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