Key Technology of Zero-emission & Negative-emission

To meet the Chinese demand for comprehensive ecological and environmental governance, it is necessary to clarify the mutual feedback relationship among air pollution, climate change, health effects, and socio-economic impacts, and to construct a collaborative technical system and supporting platform for pollution reduction and carbon reduction in national land space. This will provide a scientific basis for the implementation of the Chinese “Dual Carbon” strategy.

Key Topics  
  • 1

    Hydrogen storage and transportation technology

  • 2

    Photovoltaic new material technology

  • 3

    High efficiency heat exchange technology

  • 4

    Geothermal energy exploration and utilization technology

  • 5

    Clean oil and gas development Technology (In-situ development of shale oil)

  • 6

    Carbon capture and storage(CCS、CCUSOil displacement and chemical industry etc.)

  • 7

    Zero carbon industrial process reengineering technology

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