Synergistic Effects of Carbon Neutrality on the Climate and the Environment

To meet the Chinese demand for comprehensive ecological and environmental governance, it is necessary to clarify the mutual feedback relationship among air pollution, climate change, health effects, and socio-economic impacts, and to construct a collaborative technical system and supporting platform for pollution reduction and carbon reduction in national land space. This will provide a scientific basis for the implementation of the Chinese “Dual Carbon” strategy.

Key Topics  
  • 1

    The evolution pattern of pollutants, greenhouse gases, and climate factors under the “Dual Carbon” path;

  • 2

    The interaction mechanisms and quantitative modeling of multi-pollutants in various mediums of the geosphere;

  • 3

    Health effects assessment of key pollutants under climate change;

  • 4

    Collaborative mechanism and regulation path for pollution reduction and carbon reduction with multiple objectives.

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